Poker News Canada Fri, 27 Feb 2015 18:23:17 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Partypoker Holds Bounty Tournament with Barstool Sports Fri, 27 Feb 2015 15:56:35 +0000 On March 1, partypoker will be launching a brand new loyalty program. Recently, the online poker operator got into a partnership with Barstools Sports, according to the terms of which it will organize a tournament at every month.

This tournament challenges players to play against David Portnoy to win exciting cash and non-cash prizes available at the Barstool Sports Store. Portnoy said that the company is excited about this partnership as it gives Stoolies an opportunity to take part in online poker tournaments and defeat him. He also said that, as he is good at playing poker, he is sure he will not have to pay the bounty of $100 as nobody will be able to defeat him.

Barstool Sports features seven blogs, each focusing on regions such as New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Delaware – Maryland – Virginia (DMV), Iowa, and Los Angeles. It also includes BarstoolU, which focuses on college issues. It is, therefore, a widely read men’s lifestyle and sports online magazine in the US, targeting men in the age group of 18 – 34. The web pages get 6.4 million unique visitors every month.

The inaugural tournament, with a buy-in of $20 and a guaranteed prize of $500, was held on February 18. Portnoy, who was playing from Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, was eliminated in the 44th place, as a result of which one of players in the 88-strong field won the $100 bounty prize.

The winner Flutie4Heisman won $336 and the runner-up mmc4336 won $257. The players who finished third and fourth were hus1986, who won $190, and daqdow, who won $158, respectively. The players who finished fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth were InFolesWeTrust ($130), Il_Doctore ($110), AEIOwnYou ($91), and tronnation1303 ($75), respectively. The players who finished ninth and tenth were JDes191 ($59) and Simple_Jack          ($43), respectively.


]]> 0 Explores Canadian Interest in Las Vegas Fri, 27 Feb 2015 15:55:50 +0000 Although the Canadian Dollar has weakened, Canadians haven’t stopped travelling to the US. In fact, the number of Canadians who have booked vacations to Las Vegas is more than last year. has made an attempt to find out why Canadians are interested in Sin City. Taylor L. Cole, an APR travel expert for, said: “Historically hotel properties in Las Vegas have been more affordable than many of the popular US cities like New York. With the Canadian dollar at the lowest it’s been in many years, travelers are looking for destinations that offer great value and Las Vegas is a city where the hotels themselves are a big attraction.”

The number of Canadians from Edmonton and Winnipeg doing Google searches for March break vacations has increased by 46% when compared to last year. In case of the Vancouver and Calgary, the increase has been by 25% and 22%, respectively.

Canadians are attracted to Las Vegas because the Sin City has been very hospitable to well-known Canadian citizens. The Canadian Shania Twain, Celine Dion, and Cirque du Soleil helped Las Vegas maintain its reputation as the world leader in entertainment. Residents of Canada are known for their loyalty to talented people from Canada and do not mind travelling all the way to Las Vegas and playing for real money just to cheer fellow Canadians.

It also cannot be forgotten that Las Vegas is the world’s hottest gambling and entertainment hotspot, with something to offer not only gamblers, but also to people with other interests. Families love travelling to Las Vegas for its indoor theme parks, aquariums, candy shops, and much more. Couples also love Las Vegas as it offers fine dining, night shows, and exciting tours. L. P. is the operator of, which is also called in Canada.

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Canadian Students Develop Smartphone Lottery App Fri, 27 Feb 2015 15:54:55 +0000 A team of two students, one from the University of Ottawa and one from Carleston University, have developed a smartphone lottery app that is sure to attract the world’s notice.

Guy Hobaika and Kevin Chen took one year to develop this app that is on the verge of being launched. Called World Lottery, the app allows users to purchase a lottery ticket for $1.99. It then prompts them to select six numbers or randomly selects six numbers for them, which will be played in weekly draws. The lottery players can then view the results live on their iOS or Android devices and grab an opportunity to win prizes in Canadian dollars. If players get three numbers right, they will receive $30, and if they get four numbers right, they will win $3,000.

According to the developers, the winnings will be sent to the winners through a variety of payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer.

Chen, a student of business at the University of Ottawa, said: “We’re hoping to put as much effort into it as possible. And we’re just hoping for the best, that people do find this interesting.”

The duo says that several investors, including their family members, have invested heavily into the project. The students, both immigrants, say that they wanted to do something that would make their parents feel proud of them. Chen says that his parents began life working in hotels and migrated several times.

However, only the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLGC) can run a lottery game in the province. Tony Bitonti, a spokesman for the OLGC, said: “If it is some sort of app that’s based in wherever, then it would be considered a grey market site. It’s unregulated in the province of Ontario.”

Hobaika, however, says that the app is secure and legal.


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Nevada and Delaware to Merge Player Pools Wed, 25 Feb 2015 14:05:57 +0000 The poker player pools of Delaware and Nevada may be merged soon. According to a report written by Steve Tetreault for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Brian Sandoval, the governor of Nevada, said that the interstate online poker compact that the two states had signed last year will be finally implemented in the next two months.

Although Nevada is America’s gambling capital and the world’s hottest gambling destination, its online poker industry has failed to succeed. Analysts say that there are many reasons for the decline of online poker in Nevada, but the simple truth is that Nevada just does not have a player pool large enough to make its online poker rooms succeed.

Liquidity is very important for online poker, and Nevada is sparsely populated. Ultimate Poker, the first online poker room to be launched in Nevada died because of lack of liquidity. Today, Nevada has only one online poker room, which is hardly getting even 200 players to its cash game tables.

A year back, the governors of Nevada and Delaware signed a liquidity sharing deal that allows poker players in one state to gain access to online poker rooms in another state. Currently, online poker is legal only in Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey.

Poker players thought that the liquidity sharing pact will be brought into effect last summer, but this was delayed because of certain technical issues.

The liquidity sharing agreement will be more beneficial to Delaware than to Nevada, but the slightest increase in player pools will be a boon to Nevada’s struggling online poker operators. It could also lead to the launch of America’s first online poker network in the form of the All American Poker Network (AAPN) comprising skins such as, 888poker, and Treasure Island Poker, all of which operate on the 888 poker gaming software.

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WPT to Stop at Vienna in March Wed, 25 Feb 2015 14:04:53 +0000 The World Poker Tour (WPT) will be heading over to Vienna’s Montesino Poker Club, owing to which poker players can look forward to some topnotch poker action from March 4 to March 17 this year. The highlight of this stop will be the €3,300 buy-in Main Event, which will be played from March 12 – 17.

The €340 buy-in Warm-up tournament will be played from March 5 – 9. This tournament, which guarantees a prize of €200,000, allows players to re-enter once every day. Each player will be given a starting stack with 20,000 chips. The final table action will be video streamed.

The €1,100 buy-in 8-Max tournament, featuring one re-entry per day, will be played from March 9 – 12, and the 2-day €550 buy-in PL Omaha tournament will be played from March 11 – 12.

The Day 1a of the partypoker World Poker Tour (WPT) €3,300 buy-in Main Event will be played on March 12. Another starting flight will be held on March 13, and players will be allowed to re-enter once per day. The Main Event will come to an end on March 17, and the final table action will be streamed live.

Each Main Event participant will receive a starting stack of 30,000 chips. Each level will last 60 minutes on Day 1 and 90 minutes on Days 2 to 4. The levels will be 60 minutes each on the last day of the Main Event.

When the WPT last stopped at Vienna in April 2012 in its tenth season, Morten Christensen of Denmark defeated a field of 396 players to win the first-place prize of €313,390.

The event will also include the €6,000 buy-in High Roller tournament, which will be played from March 14 – 15, as well as the €220 buy-in Accumulator Turbo, which will be played on the same days.


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Play Poker in Teams with Tag Team Poker Mon, 23 Feb 2015 14:52:02 +0000 Tag Team Poker has developed a new app that converts the game of poker into a team game. It places players in teams of two so that they can play against other teams. Players can ask their existing friends on Google Plus or Facebook join them. Otherwise, the app will help them find a partner.

The two players in a team are given two hands to play, but they have to play with a single bankroll. The app is not likely to attract professional poker players, but is sure to attract new players, especially those who are trying to learn the game.

The developers of the app are aware of the fact that poker is a formidable game, owing to which new players tend to shy away from it. The idea of playing poker with a friend who would help them to make the tough decisions the game demands sounds more cheerful. The app is bound to attract players because it is easy to use, compatible with both iOS and Android, and has a charming design.

The app is meant chiefly to help new players learn poker. The app says: “Are you good enough to play with a partner and hustle your opponents? Split winnings with your teammate and strategize to outfox other teams.” Online poker rooms frown on collusion, but Tag Team Poker encourages it by permitting teams of two to work for their common success. While this reduces the risk associated with the game, it also cuts down on the rewards.

Tag Team Poker could become a roaring success if it offers real money poker, but this could be difficult for its developer, Tag Team Games, which is just a start-up with its headquarters in Canada. If it does turn into a real money app, it will attract not only beginners, but also seasoned pros.

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Vancouver Casinos Attract Chinese High Rollers Mon, 23 Feb 2015 14:51:04 +0000 The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) hopes to increase its revenues this year as it has attracted a number of Chinese high rollers.

Since its lottery ticket sales have fallen, the Crown Corporation has focused on promoting its casino products to wealthy high rollers from Mainland China, who are willing to bet as much as $100,000 on a game of baccarat. BCLC CEO Jim Lightbody says that the strategy has been immensely successful as table games, including high-stakes games, have generated 20 percent more revenue than last year.

The Crown’s budget papers indicate that it intends to beat its own target of generating a net income of $1.2 billion for the fiscal year ending on March 31 because of “an increase in high-limit table revenue.”

But critics say that the provincial government is taking a huge risk by promoting a variant of gambling that has been known to encourage organized crime and money laundering in different parts of the globe.

Sandy Garossino, who belongs to Vancouver Not Vegas, an association that is urging the government to impose a moratorium on gambling expansion, said: “I would suggest we’re more than flirting with this, and the government has to know this. Surely, someone, somewhere should be asking: Is this the right thing for a B.C. Crown corporation to do?”

According to Lightbody, brick-and-mortar casinos have raised the number of “salons” or private gambling rooms and increased table limits from $5k to $100k per hand. Casinos have also started providing comps, accommodation, and free food for the benefit of their high-stakes customers.

Currently, the Lower Mainland has 135 salons or private gambling rooms, most of them in the region’s top four casinos—Vancouver’s Edgewater, Richmond’s River Rock, Burnaby’s Grand Villa, and New Westminster’s Starlight.

The high-stakes tables are meant chiefly for Chinese gamblers, who prefer high-stakes baccarat games.

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Winnipeg Senior Attacked for Bingo Winnings Fri, 20 Feb 2015 14:18:36 +0000 A 67-year-old senior in Winnipeg was beaten for his bingo winnings on the evening of Wednesday.

Alvin Spence was walking home after playing bingo at the Freight House Recreation Center at 10:00 p.m. when three men approached him and demanded his backpack.

When he was discharged from hospital on Thursday, he told CBC News: “I had my hood over my head because it was kind of cold. Then that’s when I heard these footsteps—somebody coming, running behind—and I looked but the guy made it looked like he passed me. And then I looked behind again and there’s two more running.”

He said that they knocked him down and when he tried to get up, they knocked him down once again. Then they grabbed his backpack and ran away. He somehow reached his apartment and called his daughter, who immediately notified the police, called the ambulance, and rushed to his assistance.

The doctors say that Spencer requires surgery because his face has been broken in many places. However, he has been discharged at present. His daughter is unable to believe that such a thing could have happened to her father. She said that she is shaking her head in disbelief. She remarked. “There is no respect for the elderly. Some people just have no heart.”

The Winnipeg police are currently investigating the case. They tried using a helicopter to trace the three men, but did not have any success.

Spence’s daughter says that the men ought to know that the police have launched a man hunt for them. Stating that she feels sick that someone could treat an elderly person in such a manner, she said that she hopes the three men will feel just as nervous as her father to walk along the street.

The three men, however, did not find Spence’s bingo winnings of $60.

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Partypoker to Launch New Loyalty Program Fri, 20 Feb 2015 14:17:31 +0000 Partypoker will launch its brand new loyalty program on March 1, 2015. The operator has not revealed any finer details, but has given players a very good idea of what they can expect.

The online poker room has not made any changes to the method with which players can collect loyalty points. Whenever players pay $1 in tournament fees or contribute $1 in rake, they will receive two points. However, partypoker has made it possible for players to climb up the loyalty ladder faster.

The points requirement for the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels, therefore, are now 0, 50, 750, and 2,000 per month, respectively. The new loyalty program will include cash rewards in the partypoker store, enabling players to purchase cash rewards with their points. Players who achieve the Palladium level can redeem their loyalty points for real money at the rate of as much as 22.2%. Players who have achieved other levels can also exchange points for real money, but partypoker has not yet revealed the exchange rate.

The operator is also reducing the prices of several items in its store and will be introducing new items. The loyalty program will also include weekly loyalty tournaments for players at different levels.

Partypoker will celebrate the launch with a Loyalty Launcher promo, which will be around till March 8. On March 1, Silver and Bronze level players can earn as much as $20 in real money.

Any points that players collect in the promo cannot be redeemed in the partypoker store, but will help players achieve loyalty levels. Players at the Gold level can collect 25% more points up to 200 points, while Palladium players can collect 50% more points up to 600 points.

If players at the Gold level collect 1000 points, they can redeem them for $50 in real money.


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ALC Remains Quiet about Failed GeoSweep Game Fri, 20 Feb 2015 14:16:46 +0000 The Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC) is now facing the question of whether it withheld some bad news last summer from the residents of New Brunswick.

It was discovered last week that the ALC knew that something was wrong about its New Brunswick investment and PEI money involving the GeoSweep game, which did not turn out to be a success. The company, however, chose not to make this public.

The ALC launched GeoSweep in 2012 and spent nearly $2 million in promoting it. Since the game never attracted the public’s attention, the ALC had to withdraw it after one year. Since the ALC had invested around $9 million in the game, half of which came from the taxpayers of New Brunswick, the withdrawal of the game created a problem.

The ALC released its financial report just when preparations were on for the elections. The report held no news about the failed game. Brent Scrimshaw and Patrick Daigle, both ALC executives, assured the public that the investment was safe. Although the ALC learned that the investment had declined in value, it did not mention it in the financial report.

Now, David Coon, the leader of the New Brunswick Green Party, has demanded an explanation from the ALC. He said: “That’s why we have a Public Accounts Committee or Crown Corporations Committee in this case to ask those questions. To find out what’s going on, why they made those decisions, and get to the bottom of it and if necessary to bring the auditor general in to really drill down into it.”

Since GeoSweep was a politically sensitive issue, news of the investment having lost value could have become a hot election debate.

Meanwhile, the ALC has still not spoken about the state of its GeoSweep investment or about its losses of last year.

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